My Brain Hurts

Yep, it does and I thought I’d sum up a little bit how my day was. It all started slowly and gently with a sushi lunch meeting with Jörg vom Capnamic on wednesday. Then came a family thursday that was just wonderful. Next up, friday.

I started the day with Marc Kley from the Cologne University, responsible for “Transfer” … making real startups out of ideas in the university. He is also handling the HGNC and for today explained to me a little bit the structure of the university and the startup ecosystem there. This 9:30 to 10:00 and from then until 12:30 Marc had scheduled 30 minute talks with 5 Startups from the University. I will take a bit more time to possibly go deeper into them but my expectations were exceeded. I learned about the food industry and innovations in data tagging, got to know more about forestry and drones, helped further develop an interesting recruiting idea, discussed risk related graphdb topics and brainstormed the connection of ecommerce and local stores. Extreme fun and I am looking forward to the next one.

Then I ran and got to my next meeting where I learned more than I expected about the energie and smarthome market. I will need to go through my long notes to get that one down to paper. And with that discussion still eating away in my head, I ended up talking about innovation with somebody with lots of experience in that space.

I think I now need a weekend to really reorder my braincells. At the moment I have high hopes that next week will be a bit more focussed on order instead of more chaos.🙂

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