My daily coffee break

I started having coffee breaks. Outside of the office coffee breaks. It’s a productivity thing to be honest.

The thing is that you will get interrupted a lot at the office, if you want to or not. Especially because I like toast where the action is, currently that being the standup room with the scrum/kanban/postitnote board together with heads of product, software development and architecture. We have traffic in the office and I want it like that.

But from time to time, actually every few days at least, I now grab the MacBook and walk 1 minute to the free wifi enabled coffee shop around the corner, sit down and start going through emails, reordering Things, and placing a few none confidential calls. This normally takes an hour or two (and you get a few messages sometimes asking where you are ;)) and I am feeling a lot better, having finished things.

Then I am a lot more relaxed, coming back to the managing people part of the business. And it actually fits the general idea of focussing on one thing at a time. In this case it is one modus operandi for me: working on computer or talking to people. I can only suggest you try it out. Highly recommended.

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