A few items that clog up my bookmarks

Over the last few days and even weeks a few things clogged up my bookmarks folder entitled “To Blog” which I haven’t done up till now. It’s about time that I finally get them out of here, be it as a summary of sorts.

Ingmar pointed me to Zattoo, which is giving you TV on your computer and it seems to be working really well and they already have 46 channels in Germany as well as many in several other countries. I am still waiting for TV/Computer/Streaming/… to be fully integrated. I think Podcasting will fully take off once we have nocat of 3G enabled car radios with clients, and Videocasting will take off once my TV can effortlessly let me subscribe to Diggnation, News, Whatever. Zattoo might help to keep live shows available.

Dropbox is something I am starting to really love as a startup. They are using Amazon’s S3 as a storage solution and have built a nice little tool for windows and os x that will automatically sync everything you put into a special folder with your cloud based storage. Due to the fact that you can install your app on two computers you can sync several gigs of storage between two computers, and the fun thing is that you can share a special folder with another person all together. So if I put something in my “Shared with Henning” folder (could have chosen a wiser name, but this makes it easy to understand ;)) it is moved into the cloud, and when Henning turns on his computer, it will appear in his folder and everything is dandy. I really love the system they build. The opportunities are endless and that I love Amazon’s system is clear. This is a very clever way to use the service and the syncing part with revisions is great!

Friendfeed is something that is making the rounds at the moment and the Twitterati are signing up in big numbers. As I had discussions with Dirk about Noserub for ages, it all felt very familiar. The thing is that it is build by ex-Googlers and there are some things weird about it. I for one do not really feel like adding friends on the system but just people of whom I want to have access to all their feeds. As the feeds are managed by each individual user, I am always up to date on what these “friends” wright about. Then Friendfeed added search and I started adding “Friends” like crazy, choosing people that I respect and like. I have the slight feeling that it might become a form of search engine for me in the future. Using Friendfeed to follow your friends is a totally nutcase idea anyway. There are a gazillion filters missing and Friendfeed is actually not focussed enough to allow it from a mindset of the users I think.

Then there was this story on Techcrunch about MyBlogLog launching a Bluetooth type network. I am still wondering if this is a joke. The thing is that this makes MyBlogLog even more scary as a data gathering system, but mot of all I am wondering if people are nuts again. Bluetooth is not there to create a social network, something some people seem to be thinking at the moment. Aka-Aki in Germany seems to be one of those. The thing is that the amount of people you need in the network is way too high, leaving bluetooth on is a major security hazard waiting to happen, and once you are in my bluetooth range i can probably see you!🙂 People, get real! It’s a fun toy, but this is not and should not happen.

Then we had the launch of the Google App Engine. I got an account for our hosted system for Ormigo and we might be playing with it some time. Feld has a few good links about it and Tim O’Reilly is thinking whether Google App Engine is nothing more than a lock-in play. I do love the general idea of the App Engine, in that you do not have to worry about anything other than writing your code. But you do have to write it within the Google App Engine and write it in Python. So it is a kind of lock-in. But then comes Andy Baio writing about Chris Anderson launching AddDrop. AddDrop is a container for apps written with Google’s AppEngine SDK to be run directly on Amazon’s EC2. Now how cool is that!

And this brings us back to one of my favorite topics, Amazon, who announced a persistent storage feature for EC2. Before I blabber along on how cool that is, just read this from RightScale’s Thorsten vok Eiken.

That concludes my little summary for today. Have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “A few items that clog up my bookmarks

  1. Matthew Small April 22, 2008 at 01:04 Reply

    Thank you for your link and mention of our blog post on the EC2 persistent storage. We really appreciate your support. Thanks also for making me aware of AppDrop, very cool indeed!

  2. Get your own Drop Box | Oliver June 29, 2008 at 06:31 Reply

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