How to save money as a startup

This is actually Jason Calacanis’ list, but because I am reading lots of good stuff from him in recent times, I thought I’d see how we score at Ormigo.

  1. Every employee uses their own computer, so we actually do not have lots of windows systems. I actually think we score very well here especially with several macs and lots of ubuntu machines🙂
  2. Everybody gets a second monitor. Score. Very important actually.
  3. We don’t do the buying lunch bit … need to think about that.
  4. Cheap tables and expensive chairs … yep. Check.
  5. We have a phone system, but it’s an asterisk system and with a call center, and thousands of local market customers that need caring, you need a phone system. I think I can safely say this point does not apply to us😉 And yes, the devs do have one phone between them and their Ormigo number is forwarded to their mobile phone.
  6. We don’t rent out extra space, because our contract allows us to block the extra space without paying for it, so I do not need to rent it out. Too much hassle anyway.
  7. Accounting and HR is outsourced.
  8. Yes only the people that really really need it have MS Office.
  9. Yes we have Google Hosted with Docs, eMail and more. For now we actually use the free version.
  10. All employees actually get a laptop. It really does not make such a difference if you believe everyone should have two monitors and you don’t need a huge amount of CPU power. But did I say I hate designers? Huge Monitors, Photoshop, + + + … it ads up😉
  11. We hire only passionate people, and that is very close to workaholics. It pays having people not being able to not think about stuff they do. (Update: but we actually encourage people to have a life!)
  12. Yes we do have a good coffee machine … and a Wii actually😉
  13. We don’t have sodas at this time, only water.
  14. People choose when they want to come to work and they can have home office time if they think it will help them achieve their goals. The devs like it when they have very clear work backlogs that need implementation focus.
  15. We do get special deals at our vendors already, but I will put this on my focus list.
  16. We didn’t use recruiters yet, and hey, we are looking for some people again. Actually a system admin, a producer, and another php developer. The last one is not posted yet.
  17. We haven’t put a focus on PR yet actually. The consumer focusing part of the system is not far enough developed yet.

So, not bad. The only thing I need to think about is discounts from vendors, and possibly more drinks and free food. Thanks Jason.
Update 2: See this Techcrunch post for some good points and some very suggested links at 37Signals and others. And Jason has a very good follow up to make is point clearer. I commented there.

2 thoughts on “How to save money as a startup

  1. sean percival March 7, 2008 at 21:37 Reply

    Looks good Step 18: Remove porn like ads from bottom of personal blogs🙂

  2. Oliver March 8, 2008 at 05:56 Reply

    LOL Yeah, testing out AdScale which is the german (or one of them) version of AdBrite. At the moment it is not working one bit.🙂

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