Kyte gets $15 Million and Competition with Qik

Congrats to the team over at, they are developing a really nice system. I am especially thinking about the mobile part here. The app is really nice and allows me to easily send videos and pictures from my phone. I’d really like the system to allow for posting of single videos directly to my blog, because that is really what I want, but at the moment you just have a channel which is a bit of a pain. I don’t want a channel. But I do expect them doing a lot with the $15 million, especially on the mobile front. At least I hope that they do not spend it all on support people. Ever notice that whenever you post something a nice girl (most of the time) comes into your chat saying what a cool video it is? Interestingly enough these girls (if they are girls) know very well how the entire system works. Interesting strategy to stress the interaction part. Here is one quote from my last video: “but i think the main feature of kye is the interactivity”. Now is that is not scripted😉
One competition they just got though is from Qik, see my Profile here. Robert Scoble recently blogged about them and is posting videos like crazy. When you do a live feed on your Nokia app you just send pictures, on Qik you send a video, live, from your mobile phone. Kick ass! The vision of everybody being press gets further and further! I am lovin’ it.
Need to play a bit more with both system and looking forward to doing full streaming and allowing me to automatically post to my blog, if Seesmic does not get their first😉

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